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Cabinet Refacing Specialists

Do you like the basic layout of your kitchen but want to make a number of small changes that could enhance how it looks and feels? Are you operating under a tight budget? Do you want as little disruption as possible for you and your family’s life? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need to strongly consider the many benefits that JNF Remodeling Services LLC’s cabinet refacing service offers. With years of experience in all aspects of the cabinet refacing game, there is no job too big or task too small for our skilled team of certified professionals. So, if you want to add immediate value to your home without breaking the bank, then why not call us today to schedule a free and non-committal appointment.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cabinet Refacing

At JNF Remodeling Services LLC, we take immense pride in the high-quality cabinet refacing service that we offer all our Dallas clients. Part of this high-quality service means being as honest and upfront as possible in respect of the services we offer. With that in mind, here are three advantages and two disadvantages of cabinet refacing.


1. Green: The fact of the matter is that if you are an eco-friendly family or environmentally-conscious individual, the you need to consider refacing. JNF Remodeling Services LLC’s cabinet refacing service keeps cabinet boxes away from the landfill site. Not only is the recycling and re-use element of this practice to be admired but it also means that less trees are being cut down.

2. Cost-Effective: On average, cabinet refacing will provide you with the look of new cabinets for about half the price.

3. Room’s Layout Remains Intact: If you don’t want to change the structural footprint of your bathroom or kitchen, then refacing could be the perfect choice for you. Offering a surface change, refacing really does provide the best of both worlds.


1. DIY Impossible: While this may not strictly be a disadvantage, the fact of the matter is that do-it-yourself cabinet refacing really isn’t an option. The skill and experience needed to master this task means it really needs a professional touch.

2. Box Interiors do not Change: While refacing can enhance the exterior of your cabinets, the reality is that the interior remains the very same.

Contact the Cabinet Refacing Specialists Today

Let’s face it, you wouldn’t get your car repaired by a mechanic who had no clients, nor would you have your landscaping completed by a team with terrible reviews. With all that being said, it makes sense that you shouldn’t cut corners when it comes to having your cabinets refaced. If you want the best cabinet refacing service at the best price then call JNF Remodeling Services LLC today and allow our skilled team to provide the best service for you. We promise, you won’t regret it.

Newely refinished cabinets in a kitchen